Sunday, May 4, 2008


thought I wrote this one, but didn't. Wedding anniversary. 4-20. Yup, you know it! Actually, it's yountville. Was hoping to be first to Find on newly placed caches on Silverado trail, but could not find. But still, excuse to visit some wineries, do some "tasting", sweet talk the clerks at the tasting so they give me Big Gulp size tastings. Spend too much on wine, but so be it. Roll into town of Yountville, check into hotel Vintage Inn, complementary bottle of some white wine that the better half and I quickly down. Time to kill, before dinner reservations, so convince said female to go "on a stroll" for a bit. So, with wine buzz, lazily wandering the streets watch the sun nod off, we, or at least I, knowing what to look for, find Elks Bridge GCP1HA, a standard bridge hide (the hider notes on the construct of these pre-fab bridges as drop in place and quite prevalent - it's true). Went to look for Vet's Crossing GCTANZ with the missus, but strangely couldn't find. I have my suspicions as to why I couldn't find, but will not elaborate. Positively, thought, it did irk Missus that she was bested and swore that we'd return and find that damned cache. Cool beans! Maybe she caught the bug! Convinced he to walk just a little farther to Grapes of Cache GCNQMJ, we hiked a bit, there was a bagpipe player going solo to the flag and memorial. Now, I love me a good bagpipe play, but there was a'caching to be done. The sun setting, Amazing Grace, my beautiful wife's face beaming in the red sky, she sitting on the bench, and I was pulled away. Damn me. So, run up to the cache location, past Domaine Chandon, past some empty park ranger trucks, and find the Napa Valley Museum. It was showing an exhibit on the Berryessa Valley, before it was fdamned, flooded, and became Lake Berryessa. I was showing off my inane historical knowledge to my missus and told her about the valley, how there was a cool exhibit I read of on the SF Chronical on the photos of D. Lange on Berryessa Valley, and we were unable to see it. Nuts! Cache located in old wine press. Once again, caching leads me to a place I'd normally never be. Log was cool, saw a few names I recognized from home, DKATA, RVCrew.. On the way back down, I take advantage of the vacant ranger posts and enjoy 420 the way it's supposed to be. Meet up with the missus, and stroll on off back to the room and count the final seconds till dinner. on the way back, we see an old man in a "Rascal" type motorized scooter, we sidestep to let him pass, he oddly profoundly thanks us, and then asks us "Have you heard the good news?". What, Did OJ finally confess? Curent President finally admit military operations in Iraq have been a complete disaster? What? Tell me! "The Lord is comming"!. Damn, I walked right into that one. Politely, and controlling my overwhelming urge to be flippant to the point of rudeness, I told him that the news was quite wonderful, I've been waiting far too long for him, for I have a lot to converse wit him about. Miffed, I believe it was a Vet, scampered off, realizing he couldn't dump his religious views on me. Dinner, more wine, the night passes into morning. champaigne breakfast, and back onto caching we go. We make a deal, I wont bore her, and will go caching by myself, and she go shopping, there's a cache or 2 just within walking distance. Get to Yountville cemetary and just when I was about to locate Yountville Cemetary GC1F50, celly rings, her fave store in Vintage 1850 is closed, so hurry up logging the cache and unloading this geocoin Scaw's Nut from my pocket. Really a very treasure laden cache, I'd recommend. But nuts, instead of checking out the old tombstones and names (I saw a Van Winkle, any relation to Rip?) I run and meet the missus, making a tussy mussy (:)) with bachelor buttons Cali poppies, and red poppies -flander's i think. She agrees to go hunting with me for Martian Rabbit and Redwood Down. DNF'd Martian Rabbit, but I try not to log DNF's. Besides, I spent about a minute or two there, checking out someone's private property fence. I've had issues with caches that I thught were on public property. Avoid LeChuck's Wizards Treasure GCHN9Z. Redwood Down GCPCGD looks like a cool cache hide. I couldn't find it, but the redwood stump completely hidden by surrounding trees made it a really cool location. Gave up on that, returned to the Vet's Bridge. Found it in traditional bridge hide. and then went to Domaine Chandon for more silliness. During the tasting / selling pitch, they also offer memberships, of which, as a member, each visit you receive a free glass of bubbly. Then the lady threw in the hook: all the local veterans are members of this club, and each afternoon the roll up to get their glass and get silly. So, I opened the wallet. No better way to support the troops. And that's the way it was.

If ever you find a bottle of Domain Chandon's "Fleur de Vin", hold on to it with your life, and then give it to me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Tomorrow I'll find my 100th geocache. It is a milestone. What is geocaching? That's your own biz to find out. What I do know is that it takes to all kinds of crazy places on this planet. And it's a good thing. And it beats sitting at your home, staring at walls under the dark haze of some mean Scotch Whiskey. Outside, fresh air, maybe sunshine, a moment of exhilation of finding, good things for health. As well, it's a great cure for HyperClayCordia (excessive levels and time spent on Claycord. Com) and Claycorditis (inflammation of trolls on Sorry; as you can tell I'm a big fan. Go check that out. Especially if you're in the hood.

So I go geoching, this blog will derve as a sounding board on caches, philosophy regarding such, and a general log.